Carton Live Storage

Key Benefits of Carton Live Storage

  • Ultra density carton storage.
  • Suits manufacturing applications with bulk inbound and retrieval on order.
  • Gravity fed system with fewest picking aisles.
  • First in first out.
  • Easy pedestrian access to product.


  1. Frame Upright
  2. Base Plate
  3. Diagonal Frame Bracing
  4. Frame Tie / Stand-Off
  5. Beam
  6. Trays
  7. Rollers

Technical Specifications

Upright Height (mm)2,400 - 3,600
Number of BaysUnlimited
Depth of Bays (mm)1,600 - 4,800
Width of Bays (mm)2,740 - 3,800
Max. Shelf Capacity (kg)2,000

*NB: Customised sizes and capacities available to suit any requirement